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VIP Coaching and Healing for those loving 1-1 Gold Standard sessions


Lets get one thing clear - If you  are keen to really crumble those old Matrix mannerisms, and break through into the FIRE THAT YOU KNOW YOU ARE, then this is a personalised programme offer TAILORED TO YOU!

So, lets have a chat about what it is you are going through, and WHO it is you are shedding, and of course, WHO IT IS YOU ARE BIRTHING RIGHT NOW!

  • Maybe your focus is on healing from the wounds of the past - we can do that

  • Maybe your attention is more on the suits of conditioning you've dressed up in  and shedding that from your attire - we can do that 

  • Perhaps you are right on the cusp of stepping out and INTO your TRUE self, and need some guidance and accountability to keep you on target - we can DEFINITELY do that!

  • Perhaps its tools - ways in which you can show up and a reflective insight into HOW you can make your life FEEL and LOOK better WHILST living your most aligned life.

And most definitely, you are seeking to know yourself and all of who you are, in deeper, more spiritually aligned ways. - THATS WHAT I DO BEST

Working with me in your very own VIP EMPIRE in 2024 looks like

  • Working with me in your very own VIP EMPIRE in 2024 looks like

  • THREE SESSIONS PER MONTH And one integration week (aligned to coaches schedule) in the form of  One 90 min, then a gap week, then two following weekly 45mins sessions every month, set days and times to make your planning easy.  Includes, Coaching (eye of the needle examination of your falsities and TRUTH,  Inner Child, Trauma, and wound healing - because moving forward with concrete blocks on your feet won't work - its time to heal.   

  • Healing with Quantum Spiritual Healing, The Akoiya Dragons using Akoiya Therapies, and more from the toolbox of learned and intuitive gifts - to lighten the spaces where Trauma (big or small its all trauma) has taken up residence within your body, and clearing the way for much more favourable energetics.

  • Celestial Activations and downloads to your system - these help your cells (cellves) activate remembering of more desirable quantum lifetimes and receive more easefully all that you contain as BIRTHRIGHT in your greater DNA Vault​

  • Honing in on your purpose or goals, cutting away all the bullshit, all the mind muckery, and getting CRYSTAL CLEAR in the Strategy, Timing, Offerings and Implementation of your offers, or projects.  Great having all the ideas - if you have NO clue how to show up BEST with them.

  • Developing your gifts and sharing them with the world in whichever way this is - if you consider all the "junk" DNA "they" claim we have, - I want to tell you.... I know !how to help turn that on - The Era of squashed potential ends NOW

  • Vibrational support to raise your vibration which also assists in negating low density energies - raise the vibe, raise bar baby! it's VITAL to your growth in all areas!

  • access to Akashic Records, Theta Healing, Multidimensional, Quantum and Energy Healing, AND other amazing resolution techniques

  • Every session can include one or more of the above. We GET DIRECTLY into your issues and work in live resolution practice.  We use the celestial beings through the Seraphim Angelics and Dragons, to break down and rebuild where you need to, all whilst supporting your entire physical system to reboot and recalibrate its vibrational representation. The offer is immense Insight into where you are needing support AND offer completion to your issues during our time together.

BEING A VIP WITH ME also means you get:

  • Private messaging to me via WhatsApp, to support you 4/7 days a week for any little niggles that may need ironing out along the journey. THIS is beyond valuable!! It's seriously the most incredible benefit.

  • FREE spots in any trainings or programmes I run, (where appropriate), during the course of your contract time 

  • Business energetics support to help you build and grow a powerful presence in your line of work no matter what it is. (YOU are your works energetic outcome remember)

  • Continued energetic support via frequency sends, adjusted to needs throughout our time and delivered to you weekly for three days each week (also invaluable!!)

  • And Unique to you and your Souls needs, SoundCode activations and healings delivered, as recorded pieces for use for your abundance activation, deep healing, wellbeing support and Magnificence booster!


Your healing in this VIP offering will be NEXT LEVEL!!!!

2024 is the year to make all your magical wishes come TRUE


Your next step is the biggest one - Book your call time with me!

Payment plans are available  - lets talk about those

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