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Group Mentoring

Jumping into these juicy experiences, and sharing in the collective growth of

of all who come together to grow in the prescribed way for the group.

Through out the year I bring these work groups together, and of course you can also jump in and join at any time whilst they are running.

This group work is less individually focussed in comparison to VIP 1-1 Offers like EMPIRE,  yet calls in the energy of the needs of individuals to bring to the group situation.  

Group work is a wonderful way to learn, to meet new people even if it is online, and to gain growth and understanding through many perspectives


Journey into the voids of your existence with the AKOIYA DRAGONS

The Akoiya Dragons guide us to unity, unconditional love, purity of heart, and transformations beyond our kinda comprehension!!

I'm inviting the golden age Anchoring technicians, the ones of lightest light and a heart set on making significant POTENT change, the doulas of a Dynasty that will leave a magical legacy upon this planet.

We started April 2nd, all replays  available. Join us!   

Together, as family, as workers of light and love, we will effect and touch gold to the core:

  • The places between the places you already know

  • The parts of yourself only your idealism has touched but not your full electric consciousness.

  • Journey with beings and entities of light that know the way and guide us through this belt of compression we are in as a human race right now.

  • Heighten your connection

  • Enhance your natural fire within

  • Align INto your whole truth

Love, all things unconditionally​

The Akoiya Dynasty intake is NOW OPEN

This group membership will support each of you to make profound new connections into self, allowing you a greater conscious awareness of ALL that is

TOGETHER we gather to ignite shifts within our collective, which we do THROUGH self. All t his, with the guidance of Inner Earth Dragons, who transmute and heal as you move through their transmissions

CO-CREATING magestic experiences that welcome new currencies to our bodies. Our shifts will be tangible.

You're feeling the call but feeling alone.

You're feeling ready but also unsure

You're lost, but ready to be found

You know you're here to do good things but unsure what it is

This is it.

Anchor the golden codes for Mumma Gaia and all sentient beings upon her NOW

First lets start with a FREE 30 min chat to make sure this is a FIT!

Soul Ara Sound - Autumn 2024 Shoot-67.jpg
Soul Ara Sound - Autumn 2024 Shoot-6.jpg
Sphere on Spiral Stairs
Red and White Minimalist Towards the Bright Door Motivational Quote Phone Wallpaper-2.png
An ALL IN taste of working with me to elevate YOUR offerings to Humanity

Join this fantastic 6 week journey that will help you escalate your confidence to show up, your potency in your work, and the scale of your offerings.

This is for you if;

  • You are coachable

  • You are already committed to a regular and deep self observation ritual

  • You are really feeling you are ready for more, and are prepared to commit to bring in what is ready to shine through

  • You are a lightworker (someone focussed on improving this world for the greater good)

  • You have a particular method or offering you're ready to birth, OR would l'ike some help to let it all land

Your Coach/Healing Facilitator is all fired up and ready to help you wear the crown in your business! BECOME the majesty of your gifts right now, and let them SHINE brighter than before!


6 weeks - 1.5 hours each session , with homework and activations that will help you REALLY stay on track to creating the business model and offerings YOU want to bring to this world.

An additional access group for all calibration discussions as you format your pathway via Whats app

AND IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP BEFORE 1 March 2024, Ill gift you a PRIVATE 1-1 Session with me for one hour online to forge your pathway even more clearly!

No more hiding babe - the world needs you right now - so the saddle is on - ITS TIME TO RIDE

This is a fabulous taste into what it is like to work with me for your self growth!   First lets start with a FREE 30 min chat to make sure this is a FIT!

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