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Group Mentoring

Jumping into these juicy experiences, and sharing in the collective growth of

of all who come together to grow in the prescribed way for the group.

Through out the year I bring these work groups together, and of course you can also jump in and join at any time.

This group work is less individually focussed, yet calls in the energy of the needs of individuals to bring to the group situation.  

Group work is a wonderful way to learn, to meet new people even if it is online, and to gain growth and understanding through many perspectives

Clouds Theme Room

Soul Temple - Membership Group

Are you desiring support to 'stay on track'?  To develop skills to INCREASE your physical core vitality and have a vibe that matches it?    At the same time learn about activating your intuitive TRUE self, and learning to tap into your truth?

 Are you experiencing new awarenesses?

Noticing the different desires, needs, wants and thoughts you've been shifted into?

Feeling change in your body that is expressing as tension, or illness as you upgrade?

Seeing the world and its potential in a new way?


​Yes! You are expanding your conscious awareness, and these times can be amazing.. and sometimes a little challenging!

Knowing this time was coming, as another mass awakening for Humanity, I have created a gorgeous container to help you all through it.


Its light

Its fun

Its recorded

Its healing

and its family!

In this group we share:

  • A high energy JOY AND LOVE experience, and clearing of old pathways that contained anything less than the vibration of LOVE

  • 1 hour together weekly, checking in with one another an receiving healing, spiritual connection, vibrational harmonisation and more

  • Energy Clearings

  • A container of open conversation, with Guidance from SoulAra 

  • Healings through the frequency offering of Multidimensional Healer 

  • Channelled Healings, messages and insights for support in the years to come, from a range of higher consciousness collectives

  • Card Pulls

  • Q&A Sessions with the Guides

  • Meditations

  • MANY intuitive upgrades

  • Support in Mediumship discussions and experiences

  • Guidance to overcoming your biggest fears



Why Join? WHY NOT!??!


Because you're hearing the call of your heart that there is more for you, and that the world is changing and wants you to come with it.


  • Because you are beginning to SENSE nature in a different way

  • Because you are seeking supportive, nurturing guidance

  • Because you are ready for spiritual guidance to be activated within YOU

  • Because you are being drawn to know yourself in new ways

  • Because you are feeling the call for MORE LOVE AND JOY

  • Because is ridiculously affordable - at only $22 NZD / week! 


Minimum term of membership is only 3 months after that come or go as you please.  Follow the link below to set u your membership and payment authority and you will have an invitiation to the membership group in Facebook sent to you asap.


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