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A powerful journey supporting you through deep healing and calibration into your most resolved self

  • 1 h 30 min
  • SoulAra Sound Healing Studios|Egmont Road

Service Description

THE POWER OF YOUR OWN HEALING COMBINED WITH THE QUANTUM HEALING POWERS OF THE CIRCLE OF 12. You know that you are more than this body ✅ You know you are more than this life✅ You KNOW that what you're feeling is how you're learning✅ And you KNOW that what you're living in is exciting!✅ Quantum Spiritual Healing invites you to experience your expansive existence.. 💐Your capabilities as a spirit having a human experience 💐You're TRUENESS, and your greatest aspects and self union 💐 Your ability to surrender into a place of absolute unconditional love and divinity, to heal in true light. 💐SoulAra is here to bring you into your very own quantum spiritual healing experience working closely with a quantum team who have been calibrating me for over two years to bring this to you!! A circle of 11 beings of light began working with SoulAra, and explained She is the 12th they have been waiting for to get in the vibration required to perform this work. Together they step into a one consciousness bringing forward Quantum Spiritual Healing. In a QSH Package you'll receive three tailored healings where: You'll be guided by the guides, in a unique experience of healing and vibrational elevation. You'll also experience a quantum healing team of light to extensively work upon your greater physical and quantum body and make adjustments to all that requires support. To support that you'll also receive 3 Calibrations sessions for integration which is a supervision and support time together Seek out this work for: ✨ Aligned Energetics ✨ Spiritual Healings/Surgeries ✨ Activations of newer realisations of potentials ✨ Radical energy shifts and timeline JUMPS ✨ Clearing of physical toxic overloads ✨ Inner Peace and healing ✨ Outer Peace and healing ✨ Physical Peace and healing ✨ Spiritual Peace and healing ✨ Soul realisation/Reconnection QUANTUM SPIRITUAL HEALING sessions are Available only at SoulAra 💐 Session is up to 1.5 hours long each time We will firstly chat and discuss what is happening for you in life and what you identify you desire healing support with. Session will commence. Check in afterwards and post care recommendations Hand on support may be offered - choosing this offering accepts that understanding that touch may be required. This will be discussed with you further at the session Disclaimer: none of my work at any level assumes or claims to heal or resolve. It also is not guaranteed in any way.

Cancellation Policy

Well done! Looking forward to seeing you :) Please arrive on time for your session. If you come earlier please wait until you're called in, just incase I'm completing with a client in clinic or via a call. Thank you!! Your can make payment to: Silver and Co 2017 Ltd 15-3946-0374832-10 or bring cash on the day if this is not a first time session Please reference your surname as per your booking and the date of booking. Thank you so much for helping keep this process simple! CLINICS: In person appointments are at SoulAra Sound, 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village Online Bookings will have a zoom link sent Booking times are in NZST unless you changed to your time in the website prior to booking. Booking policy: Booking is confirmed via email. Please book it into your calendar. CANCELLATION POLICY FOR CLI

Contact Details

  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village, New Zealand


  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village, New Zealand


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