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Freeing Trauma Healing Series

  • 2 hr
  • 533 New Zealand dollars
  • SoulAra Sound Healing Studios|Egmont Road|Egmont Road|ONLINE MEETING|Rata Street - ALL FRIDAY SESSIONS HELD @ 94 RATA STREET

Service Description

Introducing my new offering: FREEING TRAUMA You're at that point, where the rage just needs to be let out, in safe hands, in an environment where you are heard, and can let it be freed while being honoured, supported, and nurtured. Since it arrived, the entraped trauma is held and locked in your body, limiting your ability to breathe life in fully, or to be able to see the full potential of what life has to offer. This means, the fullest and most healed life can be lived. You can take life by the horns and enjoy all of its offerings freely. The release of this trauma, may require a private space, where it can release with the support of a facilitator of release and transmutation. You need someone who knows their way through assisting you to release in a physical, emotional, and spiritual way. Who will stand with you in the fear, the rage, the grief and the sadness, and honour you, holding the Pou for your bodily grids to release and realign. These sessions will guide you in and through the pain you have experienced whilst honoring your healing and your body. The process will work alongside the entrapped emotions your body contains, and allowing it to release through a series of supportive invitations to bring it to light. Sessions are offered in a package of three, and are highly recommended to attend fortnightly with the time in between being in observation of self, and learning to manage your triggers in new ways. You'll be supported to let the body guide you to where your trauma has been stored, and through a series of supportive transformative energetic techniques you'll begin to release. These healings are physical, emotional, and mental, and can be very exhausting. Rest and time to integrate is vital after each session. You'll have observatory prompts emailed to you between sessions to support your releases post treatment. Using our facilitators exclusive Akoiya Therapies you'll receive THREE sessions, up to 2hrs long in total. You'll also have three 15 min call sessions available to touch in with your facilitator and monitor your shifts and changes and for any support required. You are welcomed here, - all of you - the hurt you, the scared you, and the READY you. If you'd like to hear more, or discuss further please feel free to request a 10 min pre booking call with me to answer any of your questions. Text me to do this. Total cost is for 3 sessions, 3 calls $1599.

Cancellation Policy

Well done! Looking forward to seeing you :) Please arrive on time for your session. If you come earlier please wait until you're called in, just incase I'm completing with a client in clinic or via a call. Thank you!! Your can make payment to: Silver and Co 2017 Ltd 15-3946-0374832-10 or bring cash on the day if this is not a first time session Please reference your surname as per your booking and the date of booking. Thank you so much for helping keep this process simple! CLINICS: In person appointments are at SoulAra Sound, 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village Online Bookings will have a zoom link sent Booking times are in NZST unless you changed to your time in the website prior to booking. Booking policy: Booking is confirmed via email. Please book it into your calendar. CANCELLATION POLICY FOR CLI

Contact Details

  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village, New Zealand

  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village 4372, New Zealand

  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village, New Zealand

  • 1233 Egmont Road, Egmont Village, New Zealand

  • 94 Rata Street, Inglewood, New Zealand

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