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Supersensory Protection Masterclass

  • 42Days


🎇 SUPERSENSORY PROTECTION MASTERCLASS. 🎇. This is for you If you want: 🌌To learn methods to connect into and balance your own energetic field, grounding deeply, communicating in new ways with your physical and energetic bodies. 🌌 To scan, clean purify and shield your field in new and higher dimensional ways,, creating valuable tangible regime for self protection for your own energy and to commit to energetic empowerment and growth to raise your frequency! 🌌 To clear and refresh home and vehicle energies 🌌 To ward off energy not wanted or required either around you, toward you, and even FROM you!! Become a master of energetic management 6 weeks of amazing learnings, divine healing meditations and energy protection and clearing methods to use as resources FOR LIFE Learn at your pace (no need to be on a live call, and all learning is online!!) With Energy Master Sarah Silver.

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