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Meet the Woman behind the Magic @ SoulAra Sound

Sarah Silver- referred to by the Angelics as SolAra - Soul Path are the words she heard over and over  again, until one day, she realised ARA means Path In her beloved NZs Native Maori tongue.  that's how SoulAra Sound birthed into the world.
Soul Path Sound - SoulAra Sound

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Your Body dances to the language of ENERGY

Your Soul sings the tunes of vibration

Here everything is welcome!

My journey began early in this life, with the ability to connect to spirit and to feel/see the energy of others.  I encountered several years of stuckness myself, battling self sabotage and self loathing, mental illness, spiritual disconnection and some pretty challenging health concerns. 

It took some serious heartbreak in my life, to shake me into beginning to connect with whom I truly am.   

I must admit this was not where I expected to be when I imagined as a child, what I might be when i 'grew up'.... but here I am - happier than I have ever been. 


Nearing my 30'sI embarked on a journey of learning, of understanding, of opening to greater possibility.  I knew I could experience life in different ways to what I might have until then.  I  KNEW the world was not as it seemed.

I hired spiritual coaches, I studied many modalities, I aligned with the RIGHT people.

Through my years of training both spiritually and here on this earth I have dived into many learnings, I gained more and more clarity around what I was required to do on this earth plane.   The truth was, it was not one specific thing.


In my seeking, it came to my attention, I was spending too much time in external resourcing and not enough in internally connecting to MY truth.


It was through this empowerment of knowing and trusting the nudges and the powerful information and 'visions', and in knowing myself well enough that I could lean into the downloads as they arrived, that I came face to face with my remembering.  I place I knew to be my utmost truth. 


Whilst learning to drop the layers of conditioned self, and stepping into my purest purpose, I found my home, my calling, my heart AND Soul.

My guides welcomed my more into my own Souls reveal, and I began to channel a very familiar story.  The story of Body Song.


"Mayaiyanala ohshiwaraka timoirayanea"

 "Where she shines her soul through the orchestration of her song"

I bring to you a collection of supportive and transformative healing offerings, to meet you, where you are ready to journey.

I work to create a safe and compassionate environment in which ever way we meet to work together in your healing endeavours. 


Enjoy reading more about my offerings

​Our paths have crossed for a reason.

I'm excited to see where we go from here and to see and support you to grow.


Introducing my exclusive healing modality:

Body Song

A light and Astral tone Frequency healing modality channelled especially for you!

What is Body Song?

This unique Angelic channelled sound and energy frequency healing is primarily expressed through the practitioner's own voice, with stunning light code infused soul notes and intensive Energy shifting frequency toning.


Other sound frequency offerings such as sound healing bowls, and frequency music may also be utilised, if that is required during your treatment.


How can Body Song© help me? Body Song© is channelled specifically for you, with EVERY channelled healing being unique and tailored to you.


Body Song© prescribes the energy medicine you need in absolute perfection offering a total elevation to:

🤍 Activate your inactive DNA and Crystalline DNA

🤍 Activate third Eye and Pineal

🤍 Awaken your Soul to your inner voice

🤍 Raise your awareness to mind body connection

🤍 Upgrade your Life Force.


This being the case, your outcome is likely to be in perfect unison with what your physical, energetic field and highest self requires at the time of your healing, for your highest and best divine alignment.


This work knows no bounds.

Body Song© is an open channel, meaning this work is connecting to higher Astral frequencies and tones, that carry precise and detailed specifically packaged tones, just like a symphony may come to a crescendo, a multi frequency enters your body, to do its work in absolute perfection for your needs.


Body Song© is bought to you through The Sound Code Institute of New Zealand© exclusive to light channel Sarah Silver

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Aligned Healing Therapies

Energy and Physical Healing Offering

An Intuitive collaboration of all healing modalities I have learned, from this and many lifetimes.


Healings that support you to balance your energetic field, your Chakras, Meridians, Elements, Circuits, Grids, and more.

Ive trained in BioDynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Theta Healing, Akashic Record Reading, Law of Attraction, Body Dynamics, Mediumship, past life regression and MORE.

Integrating all of this and accessing the gifts I have brought to this realm is the way I choose to work with my soul clients.

This blend of methods respectfully and subtly supports your energetic and physical recovery. 


Reiki (one of the modalities Im trained to Mastery level in)  is a pure, loving, blissful energy, and I absolutely adore providing this to my amazing clients.  Its Universal Life Force Energy.   Reiki supports the energetic rebalancing of your Chakra System and is used in my work in every session.  I use the tools from other modalities also, and bring them all together to being a powerful toolkit of offerings for your healing needs.

If you are in Pain - Book here

If you are in Overwhelm - Book here

If you have Trauma to work through - Book here

If you need emotional support - Book here

If you have just given birth - Book here for you and baby


This work can be performed in person or by distance 

Transformative Healing Therapies can assist with:

Physical Pain and limitation Support | Concussion recovery | Clearing of Toxicity | Medical Procedure Cleansing | Emotional Pain and Trauma Healing | Grief support | Spiritual Awakening Support | Pre & Post Birth support | Child Healing and Baby alignment Support, Mental Illness Support | more

I HIGHLY recommend you check out Body Song, as the Body Song work is high impact healing work equivalent (and beyond) to 5-6 of the Transformative Healing Therapy.

For a set programme to meet your healing needs, do check out the Soul Healing Coaching offers - Activating the Mind, Body And Soul into Fast Ultimate Potentials for Healing

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